What we believe

The Christadelphians are a world-wide community of Bible students…

The Christadelphians are a world-wide community of Bible students whose fellowship is based on a common understanding of the Scriptures. We have no central organisation telling us what to do and believe. Rather we are tied together everywhere by our distinctive beliefs, which are freely and independently arrived at.

The Christadelphians believe that Jesus the Christ is the son of God, who came to fulfill the Old Testament promises and covenants of God with mankind, primarily the covenants with Eve, Abraham and David.

We believe that Jesus is a man, who was tried and tempted as we are, yet who resisted sin even till death. Three days later, the only true God, the Father raised him to eternal life, after which Christ ascended to his Father’s side to await the appointed time of his return.

The Christadelphians embrace the hope of resurrection to eternal life at the return of Christ. We believe that this will take place soon. At that time the kingdom of God will be established from Jerusalem, growing to encompass the whole world, offering freedom, hope and salvation to all mankind. The people of Israel, as the literal descendants of Abraham, will have a special place in this kingdom.

The Christadelphians believe that salvation is attained by grace through faith. It is through faith that we are baptized into Christ for forgiveness of sins, and thereby participate in the promises to Abraham: to inherit the earth for ever.


  • in THE ONE TRUE GOD who created and sustains all things
  • in THE BIBLE which is God’s message to the world
  • in JESUS CHRIST who is the Son of God, our Saviour and coming King
  • in GOD’S KINGDOM which will be set up on earth
  • in the RETURN OF CHRIST to establish that Kingdom
  • in BAPTISM into Christ as a necessary step to salvation