Other Activities

At Winton we are a busy Church with many activities, here are a few more besides the main activities listed on the front page:

Willing Walkers
We live in a beautiful part of the world – beaches, forest & Purbecks… even occasional sunshine!!  Making the most of this, about every other month a group of “Willing walkers” meet up and go for a walk together.  Usually held during the week and supported by our retired members – but always happy to see the numbers swell when others join.   Contact us if you would like to walk with us.

Social Events
With over 200 members in our Church, we enjoy several times during the year when we just get together socially either for a fun day in the forest, a meal in the evening , swimming or just about anything else.  There is a real family feel to our Church and we love to spend time together as a big family, having fun.  From time to time you will see events advertised – why not come along and join the fun.

Bible Reading Group
Reading the Bible is the staple diet of a Christian – but it can be a really difficult book to start.  Several Bible reading groups take place in Bournmeouth and Poole, mainly in the comfort of homes.  Literally we just sit together and read our Bibles, then discuss what we have read and see what it all means.  In this friendly comfortable environment there is no such thing as a silly question and everyone benefits.  If you would like to join a Bible reading group, just click on contact us.

During the year we run several Seminars which often take place in Schools.  Conducted in the style of adult evening classes we let the Bible do the talking.  We don’t spend all our time trying to convince you of our beliefs – but rather we just look at the Bible together and see what we can learn.  Keep a look out on the Church Calendar & advertised events to see where you could next join one of our seminars.

Saturday Morning Football
With over 65 children in our Sunday School, you can imagine the fun we have kicking a football around Redhill Park!  Held every other Saturday and suitable for all ages.

Youth Weekend
Each year on the first weekend in September we hold a Youth Weekend for 14+.  This attracts many young people from other Christadelphian Churches all over the country.  Split into a balance of study sessions, praise & fun.  Saturday often ends with a BBQ on the beach and a swim for those who are brave enough!

Children’s Holiday Club
Run during the October half term, our Holiday Club turns a grey October into great fun!  With both junior and senior sessions, those who attend benefit from learning a little more about the Bible and some excellent off site activities.  Look out for a booking form later in the year.

For all these activities you are welcome to contact us for more information.