Winton Christadelphian Church

Welcome to the Winton Christadelphian Church web site

Who are we? we are a group of committed Christians who try to find the message that God wanted to give us in the Bible.  We feel a belief in God is more than just going to Church on a Sunday… its so much more than that, in fact it should affect every aspect of our lives.

The Christadelphians have had a Church in Winton for more than 100 years! The world has certainly changed since then – you can read more about the history of Winton and our Church here: WintonHistory

There are over 200 members in our Church and a very healthy Sunday School with over 60 children.  We are a very lively but loving family.

What goes on in our Church?  Something happens almost every day.


Starting on Sunday morning at 09:15 we have a lively Sunday school with classes for children from 4 – 16. Then at 11:00 we remember how Jesus died for us and hence gave us life – we do this by sharing bread and wine just as Jesus did almost 2000 years ago

Bible Hour
Held at 1800 hrs, except the 2nd Sunday each month which is held at 1700 hrs and is especially suitable for families.  Bible talks on stimulating and challenging subjects to answer your questions and share the gospel message with you.


On Monday evening we have an internal meeting where we give people an opportunity to try new things and learn skills


‘Taste & See’ Coffee Group, 1000 – 1130 hrs.  An opportunity to ‘taste’ and ‘see’ that the LORD is good and that whatever difficulties we may face in life, whoever takes refuge in the Lord will be blessed.  We offer a comfortable, relaxed environment with friendly conversation and free refreshments including breakfast cereals, soup and rolls.


At 10:00 – 12:00 we run our footprints parent and toddler group, open to all – we would love to see you.

At 19:45 we have a Bible Class where for we study different topics.  We want to test our beliefs and explore/find new wonders in the Bible

‘Taste & See’ Supper @ Six, 1800 hrs first Thursday each month
Join us for a free home-cooked, two-course meal followed by coffee.
Bible Reading Group, 1930 hrs every Thursday
A small group reading through various books of the Bible and discussing/learning about the gospel message.  Especially suitable for new-comers to the Bible or to anyone who enjoys Bible discussion and discovery.  Come and try it out.


On Friday we run two youth groups.  From 18:00 – 20:00 there is a junior youth club for 7-11 yr olds.  From 20:00 – 22:00 there is a youth club for those 12 and older.  Why not come a long? We spend some time learning more about God and his message in the Bible and then we do lots of different activities. Often we go out from the Church to the beach or bowling or swimming or a walk — you name it, we probably do it!

What exactly do we believe? Christadelphians are often described as the closest match to the ‘early church’ that we read about in the New Testament.  Whether or not that is true, we certainly like to try and do our best to understand God’s message.  The name ‘Christadelphian’ was first used in the mid-1800s but we believe that throughout history there have been people who share our beliefs. The word Christadelphian means ‘Brothers and Sisters in Christ’. We are confidently waiting for Jesus Christ to return to earth, when he will set up the Kingdom of God.  Read more about what we believe here: beliefs

Can I come along? We would love to see you at any time. As you will see, some of the services are designed mainly for our own members who have made a commitment in baptism.   But whenever you come, we will try and make you very welcome.  Maybe you have some questions, or want to talk about something – we are always there to listen and help if we can.  This is the example of Jesus that we try to follow.

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